It is an allied ecosystem, which helps us to promote quality education and which aims to develop technological and sustainable knowledge for the student. We also work with the implementation of artificial intelligence within our classroom, for even more cutting-edge support. Below, we'll explain a little more about KNOTION's pedagogical model, lés This model merges the “Design Thinking” architecture, generating learning based on concrete actions, it is divided into 4 stages:

ºActing ºIdentiying ºProposing ºMapping
  • Acting

    Runs the solution.

  • Identiying

    Stage where the learner finds the root of a problem.

  • Proposing

    Find a concrete conclusion to the problem. ACTING: Runs the solution.

  • Mapping

    It initiates the investigation of how it happens, why it happens, how and who it affects.



    Through knowledge of the impact of food on the body, students learn to eat by choice and not by imposition.


    They will know the basic principles of investment, spending and saving, to promote their competitive participation in the global economy. They will know the principles of investment to correctly manage their finances.


    We make responsible consumption changes to protect natural resources for the future.


    With the use of meditation and heart breathing techniques, we encourage good management of emotions, for better decision-making.